Reality of Money

Financial Simulation allows students to make financial decisions about paying for housing, transportation and other monthly expenses as they are "transformed" into young adults with jobs and other responsibilities to manage. Students are exposed to various financial learning points such as: the value of furthering their education after high school, the limiting effect bad credit has on their lifestyle choices and how  to "live within their means". 


Reality of Money


“I need to start saving now because life hits you with random situations.”

“Kids and healthcare are expensive!”

“I learned to pay for what you need first and then balance out your wants.”

“Budgeting and managing money is really important to stay financially stable in life.”

“I learned that I need to finish high school and go to college and get a well-paying job.”

“I learned that having bad credit makes you pay more for stuff.”

“I learned that having the most expensive things in life is not always the best option. If you do, you may not have enough money later on.”

Who Runs The World? Girls!

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