2019 upcoming events


Paint Party, Saturday, March 16th from 11am-1pm


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 MentorMe is hosting a Paint party for local families.  Come out for PAINT, FUN, and PUNCH!  Enjoy a time of fun and painting.  We want to see you there! 


Whose Life Matters? My Sons Life Matters


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Working to empower our young men today by helping them navigate through issues that are real in their life today. 

What should you do when your stopped by a police officer?

Understanding how to dress for success today and in the future.

This is a event for middle to high school age males.  Please bring your sons out to this awesome event!  Come out to hear from one from a retired decorated Lieutenant from the Wake County Police Force and former Air Force Veteran.  Also, we have our Millennial On The Move Team that will help the young men understand how to present themselves in a professional and respective manner when out in the public with their dress.  Finally, we will have After School Special Nonprofit Organization help young men plan for their future and what steps they need to take now.

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